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February 4, 2024

Dear seniors,

As promised, I am beginning the process of sending you scholarship application information.  Please look over these carefully, as some are specifically for vocational/technical schools, some are colleges/universities, some require your family’s membership in a particular group, and some have an essay requirement, while others don’t.


Remember, scholarships are FREE money!  I ask that you write a “thank-you” note upon receipt of a scholarship.  These organizations and businesses are generous in their time and finances, so please be appreciative!!  We want their continued support and their recognition of what we already know:  Jefferson High School graduates top-notch students!!!


Please complete your FAFSA as many scholarships and/or places of higher education require this.  Let me know if you or your parents need help.  Several of our colleges offered to return if needed.  We will gladly schedule a time, but only if needed by many of you.


Upon acceptance to your future choice of school, please let us know in the student services’ office by emailing a copy of your acceptance letter or bringing us a copy of it.  My email address is:   or Ms. Tracey’s is:


Pay close attention to due dates of the scholarships, check your email daily, look at the bulletin board, the scholarship shelf, the TV monitors and/or our website for future application announcements.  You need 3 references to provide letters for you.  If possible, ask them to email them to you so that we can easily attach them to your applications.  Please use the template I provided for you when asking for the recommendation letters.  A resume is also needed and a template can be found in many applications such as Microsoft office documents and online.


Let me know how I can help you….listen to announcements….and compete for these scholarships!!!!   Ms. B J